Virtual Secretariat - Virtual Secretariat

The virtual secretariat is part of the virtual office service in Krakow. Within the virtual secretariat we handle your mail. Additionally, you can rent a telephone and a fax for your company. Each fax sent will be scanned and sent to your e-mail address or sent physically to the address indicated by you. In case you care about separate handling of invoices, we can treat them as a priority or transfer them to the bookkeeping rented from us.

Virtual secretariat – receiving mail

As part of our virtual secretarial service, we will take care of your mail. This will include both incoming and outgoing mail. It is possible to scan for further transmission to e-mail addresses. If you are interested in mail handling, please visit the Post Handling page.

Virtual secretariat – telephone and fax

In case you want to bring your company’s automation to its limits, we suggest that you hire a telephone and fax from us. As a result, the telephone calls will be answered by us and their content will be transmitted by e-mail. Since we can handle faxes, all documents will be scanned and transmitted electronically by us.

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