Price list - Price List, Virtual Office Krakow and Coworking Krakow

Price list of our company’s services. You will surely find here detailed information about our packages, their prices and what they include.

All prices are NET prices

 Service  Description Price
Registration address with packageBusiness Registration at the indicated address55 PLN / mnth
Registration address without package55 PLN / mnth
Registration address for a year550 PLN / year
Correspondence address without packageCorrespondence Collection within a virtual office55 zł / mnth
Correspondence address for a year550 PLN / year
Coworking Company STARTNumber of hours 25h / mnth Conference room and office: Discount 10% Printout: 150 p./ mc 109 zł / mnth109 PLN / mnth
Coworking Copywriter Number of hours 55h / mc Conference room and office: 20% discount Printout: 250 p.m. / mnth 219 zł / mnth219 PLN / mnth
Coworking FreelanceNumber of hours 90h / mc Conference room and office: 30% Discount Printout: 350 p.m. / mnth 329 zł / mnth329 PLN / mnth
Coworking Full PackageNumber of hours 130h / mc Conference room and office: Discount 40% Printout: 500 p.m. / mc 439 zł / mnth439 PLN / mnth
Coaching Room 1h
30 PLN
Coaching Room 1h – 4h108 PLN
Coaching Room 24h250 PLN
Room 12 ppl. – 1h
Rooms have 18 m2 and 25 m2 and are equipped with all the equipment: screen, projector, flipchart.
40 PLN
Room 12 ppl. – 1h – 4h145 PLN
Room 12 ppl. – cały dzień249 PLN
Room 20 ppl. – 1h50 PLN
Room 20 ppl. – 1h – 4h180 PLN
Room 20 ppl. – cały dzień299 PLN

Price list – Virtual office in Kraków and Coworking Kraków

Due to numerous inquiries we have created an overview table for you. Price list of our services certainly allows you to get acquainted with our offer and find out exactly what it costs. As a result, we have tried to make the packages and their prices as easy for you to understand as possible. For this reason, the Price List is the result of our experience in this field and allows us to compare our offer with the competition. As a result of strong competition on the market of coworking services, we have focused on the clarity of the conditions in which we work.

Price list – price for offices

If you are interested in our coworking offer, we invite you to visit our gallery and check the location of our offices. You have probably found our website as a result of a search in your browser. As a result of this interest, we also publish the addresses of our websites in other cities.

Virtual Office Gdańsk

Virtual Office Poznań

Additional information about our offer

If you are interested in our offer, you can find more information on additional pages:

Due to the large number of phones with requests for special services, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our additional services. You will surely find something there that will be of interest to you and will enable your company to grow. Unlike other offices, we do not limit our services to templates. While others offer standard packages, we try to meet your requirements. For this reason, we have already been trusted by so many customers all over Poland and are recommended to other companies all over the world.

Coworking and Virtual Office Kraków

First of all, we focus on flexibility and development. As a result, we have established cooperation with many companies providing additional services related to accounting, sale of companies and others. Due to the diversity of our customers and their business requirements, we will try to transform our company from a coworking office into a business environment for startups and companies in the period of scaling. Above all, we are committed to enabling you to grow your business. We will certainly be able to find an agreement on our offer and on the prices to be applied.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

We will try to respond to your queries in a concise way. By combining virtual office with coworking you can scale up the space you need to work. Because you share the services, you get them for a fraction of the price. For this reason, you can spend your savings on business development. Unlike other offices, we own our properties. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about suddenly having to change your virtual office. Cases where virtual offices lose their right to real estate are common.