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Ready-made companies are companies established earlier for further sale. As a result, if you are interested in starting a business within 24 hours, this is the best way for you. Companies set up in this way allow you to issue invoices within 24 hours of taking up shares. What’s more, they may have a financial history and tax overpayments that increase their value on the market.

Finished companies – formalities

Ready-made companies can be purchased from us within 24 hours. The purchase of a company takes place at a notary public through a share purchase agreement. On the same day you appoint a new management board of the company so that the next day the management board on the basis of a resolution can start to dispose of the company’s assets. All formalities are well known to us so that we will carry out all the formalities efficiently and in accordance with the letter of the law. In the case of a larger number of shareholders and members of the management board, we will also advise on how to build a management board and to whom to grant powers of proxy to conduct the company’s affairs.

Ready-made companies – financial history

Companies with a positive financial history are very valuable. For this reason, they allow for better financing conditions from banks and other credit institutions. Then, based on your positive financial history, you can apply for a loan or lease. As a result, banks look very favourably at companies that can prove their previous flows.

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