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Virtual Office Cracow – Questions and answers!

How does a virtual office work?

As part of the service, the virtual office in Wrocław can register your business at our address. Additionally, we handle all your incoming and outgoing mail. The advantage of this solution is the separation of your domicile from the address where you run your business.

Is it legal to have a company registered in a virtual office?

Absolutely yes. It is a commonly accepted practice by tax administration and other public administration units.
In addition, the courts have made it clear that this determines the local jurisdiction of the dispute in the case of court cases and other administrative proceedings. This practice is widely known and applied.

What data do we need to provide for a virtual office contract?

Company name and NIP. These are the data needed to conclude a virtual office agreement with us in Wrocław. Of course, the agreement
must be signed by a person authorized to represent the company.

What is the tax jurisdiction for running a business in a virtual office?

The tax jurisdiction is based on the place where you are registered. If you have registered your business in our virtual office, your taxes will be settled according to the local jurisdiction of our bureau used to register your company. If you have a pair of rented virtual offices, of course only the one you used for registration purposes counts.

What data about my company can be found at the address of the virtual office?

Company name and address. Of course, we make all information available to state authorities. However, for private individuals
we’ve restricted access to the data. You can, of course, specify exactly which data we make available to private individuals.

Can a virtual office support my company even if I am abroad?

Of course. Our main goal is to serve customers in situations when they do not want or cannot stay at the place where their company is registered.

Virtual Office Kraków – a form of agreement

For what period of time do we conclude a virtual office contract?

You can sign a contract with us for an indefinite period of time with monthly notice, or for a year. Of course, a contract concluded for a year turns out to be completely cheaper than monthly fees. Thanks to that, if you are determined you can save money.

How do virtual office and coworking change the costs of my business?

Virtual office reduces administrative costs. If you are a small company and you cannot afford to hire someone to the secretariat or your HR priorities are different – we will collect the mail for you. Coworking, on the other hand, radically reduces the cost of renting space. This is because of the lower prices for renting a desk, the possibility of renting it only for a certain period of time and the fact that you have not signed a long-term contract that you will not use to the full. We wrote about savings resulting from virtual office and coworking on our blog – Savings and virtual office!

In what form do we conclude a virtual office agreement?

The agreement is concluded in writing. The agreement can also be concluded by e-mail so that you do not have to move from your place of residence. We also consider accepting agreements signed with the use of electronic signatures. Virtual agreement of the Kraków office.

What does a company’s fiscal control look like?

Tax inspection in a virtual office is a simple process and has never caused anyone any problems. Officials treat it as a standard practice. Control takes place by providing information about the registration of the company and the address where the accounting documentation is located. Usually the documentation is located in your company providing accounting services, which is recorded by an official. We also wrote about this on our blog – tax control in a virtual office.

Virtual Office Kraków – location and hours

Where can I find your office?

As we have written, we have many locations. Take a look at our website under the tab OUR OFFICE.

How do I contact you?

By phone, e-mail or in one of our locations. You can find all the information in the tab OUR OFFICE and CONTACT.

How many hours does your office work?

The office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The reception desk is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Virtual Office Krakow – additional services

How can we register a company in a virtual office?

The company can be registered either by traditional means using the KRS form – National Court Register or by registering the company online using the S-24 application. Of course, if you have any needs in this area, we also offer assistance with the help of our partners –

What should I do if I want to rent a virtual office for activities financed from EU funds?

Very often the offices and institutions responsible for granting European funds require physical activity at the place of registration of the company. This is not a problem for us because we have rooms, offices and rental premises. It is also not a problem for us to place a signboard concerning the project management within the framework of the European Union funding.

Virtual Office Krakow – conference rooms

Apart from coworking, can we rent a conference room or a training room?

Of course! If you are already our customer, you will receive a discount on the rental of a conference room and training rooms. If you have a specific need for a specific service, please contact us – we will certainly communicate with you.

What is the possibility of configuring the services of your office?

We focus on flexibility. Services can be configured in any way, and there is also a possibility to change the packages during the contract. There is also a possibility to order additional services for a fee, which we will set individually. See the availability of our rooms in the Calendar.

Picking up your mail

Can I run my business and meetings in a virtual office?

Within our office you have the possibility to use the service of coworking. Thanks to that you can run your business in our location and organize business meetings. CONFERENCE ROOMS.

Is it possible to scan our parcels and send them to your e-mail address?

Yes, we have in our offer the service of scanning mail with further dispatch. It is in one of the packages. PACKAGES.

How fast do you send mail to our company?

It all depends on what package you have chosen. We can immediately send the mail if you have such a wish in this regard. More information about the configuration of our services can be obtained by calling us – CONTACT.

Who is authorized to receive our correspondence?

An employee of our company is authorized to receive the correspondence. Thanks to this you can be sure that your mail will not be in the wrong hands. For these activities you grant us a framework power of attorney to collect postal items. More on this subject can be found on the website – Post Handling.

When renting a virtual office, do I have to rent space to work?

No! We have not combined virtual office services with coworking.