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Contact and location of our office. Additional information about office addresses and much more.

Location of our office

ul. Szlak 1

31-161 Kraków

Contact Details: Telephone and e-mail

tel. 790 840 670


Opening hours

Coworking – 24/7 – all the time.

Secretariat – Pn-Pt 09:00 – 17:00 – 17:00

Contact – addresses of the offices in Kraków

Addresses of state offices and institutions in Krakow. Because we care about your convenience you will find here all the information about how to get in touch with the selected office. Therefore, we encourage you to verify for yourself whether a given location suits you. Then you can confirm it with us by phone.

Contact on the offer virtual office Krakow

Before you call us, we recommend to get acquainted with our offer. We encourage you to read because inside you will find information about virtual office, coworking and many others.


A very good source of information is also the blog, which we run and try to supplement regularly. You will surely find there interesting materials on business and other issues related to it. Because we want your convenience, the blog has been divided into categories.


We are very interested in cooperation with other companies in Krakow and other cities. We are happy to cooperate with other offices or accounting companies. As a result of our dynamic growth we are looking for service providers. The most frequently chosen services in our case are accounting, legal advice and sale of companies. Due to the high costs of acquiring new customers, we offer subscription packages where everything is in one price. While others are wasting their time you can sell your services with us!

Our offices: