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Our offices are located in large cities already in a few cities. That is why we already have locations in Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw and we are still thinking about growth. Because, as we have written before, we are always looking for people interested in cooperation. For this reason, you can read more about cooperation with us on the website – COOPERATION. As a result, we present the locations of our offices together with google maps allowing you to get there.

Krakow – Our Offices

Coworking – Centrum Kraków

ul. Szlak 1

31-161 Kraków

Contact Details: Telephone and e-mail

tel. 790 840 670

e-mail: poznan@clockwork.com.pl

Opening hours

Coworking – 24/7 – all the time.

Secretariat – Pn-Pt 09:00 – 17:00 – 17:00

Poznań – Our Offices

Clockwork – Virtual Office of Poznań and Coworking Poznań

ul. Słowackiego 55/1

60-521 Poznań

tel.: +48 790 840 670

e-mail: poznan@clockwork.com.pl


Warsaw – Our Offices

Clockwork Mokotow

ul. Ksawerów 3

02-656 Warsaw

tel.: +48 730 150 370

mail: biuro@clockwork.com.pl

Clockwork Ursynów

ul. Zamiany 8/202

02-786 Warsaw

tel.: +48 530 901 194

mail: biuro@clockwork.com.pl

Clockwork Centrum

ul. Twarda 1

00-114 Warsaw

tel.: +48 790 840 670

mail: biuro@clockwork.com.pl

Our offices – Become our partner

Your office may also be part of our group. This way you can ensure your visibility on the Internet. As a result of good visibility you attract more clients, which allows you to increase your turnover and get additional virtual offices. Because virtual office is a scaled income regardless of your capacity. Surely you want to learn more? That’s why call us – CONTACT.

Possibility of cooperation

Summing up our activities, we would like to invite everyone to cooperation. Due to our experience and position on the Internet we have the opportunity to promote your business. Because we are constantly investing in the development of our brand, we are looking for new locations for the office. Therefore, do not hesitate and call us now. We will certainly find a platform for understanding.

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