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Savings are the key to high liquidity of the company. Renting a virtual office can significantly contribute to savings in your company. Many of our clients have already had the opportunity to see for themselves and are very satisfied with their decision. The vast majority of entrepreneurs who use virtual office services recommend them to others as a way to make their work easier. In today’s article we will analyze how virtual office allows entrepreneurs to save money.

A virtual office means lack of an office – savings

Renting a virtual office allows you to completely resign from renting a property. This is a very big saving for beginner entrepreneurs. Assuming you are planning to start your own business in Warsaw. Renting an office in the city centre costs at least 4000 PLN per month and we are talking about a small office. The same high prices can be seen in the districts surrounding the centre. Renting an office only to register a business and have a place for yourself is completely unprofitable.

Mail handling – administrative savings

If you do not have time to deal with administrative matters, you must necessarily hire someone. The secretariat must consist of at least one part-time employee. This will cost you money from the outset. This is not the case with a virtual office because it is included in the price of our service. Additionally, you are 100% sure that all your mail will be received. Thanks to this you will complete all deadlines related to official letters and you will receive every offer from a potential contractor.


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Organic growth

In the case of a virtual office combined with coworking you get an incredible opportunity to grow your company together with us. You don’t have to worry about a year-round property lease agreement. Thanks to this you have the possibility to scale the rental of desks according to your needs. Together with new employees you rent new places. If you do not hire someone for any reason – you resign from the place. This is crucial for your savings. You don’t waste money on an office when you don’t need it. You are also not worried about expensive rentals for many months. Worrying that you will not use it.

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