How to find employees for your company? - How to find employees for your company?

In Poland, for several years now there have been noticeable shortages in the labour market. The Polish government is considering opening its borders to the citizens of Asian countries. If you run a business, you will certainly see for yourself how difficult it is to find someone to work now. Where to look for employees and what to do to keep them at home?

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Portals with advertisements

If you are looking for a worker who will receive training from you on the spot, it may be too expensive to hire an agency. If this is the case, we recommend that you advertise on one of our web portals. In case that you are potentially interested, apply to you and you will receive a CV. Select the candidates you would like to invite to the interview. We recommend that you carry out an initial verification by phone before the meeting.

Employment agencies

Brokerage agencies allow you to actively search for specialists and people with specific skills that are needed in your company. The recruitment process in this case is usually longer due to the skills required by the potential employee. At the same time, it may be more time consuming and costly to look for people with a given profile on your own than commissioning specialists to do so.

Job fairs – looking for employees

Job fairs are a good place to promote your business as a reliable employer and a place suitable for development. This type of promotion is more suitable for large companies than those in the small and medium segment. It is a kind of building the employer’s brand that brings long-term effects. As a company focused on long-term development, you should consider a comprehensive promotion programme for future employees.

How to retain employees

The best way to keep employees in your company is to offer high salaries. This is the main criterion that employees talk about. Of course, a nice atmosphere and the possibility of development are also important, but it is the money that is most important for the employees. It’s nice that you offer benefits, free insurance or sports cards, but nothing can replace a really good salary!

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