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Every company lives off sales. A well-organized sales department allows us to achieve success in financial terms and gain new customers. Sales are like fuel for a company. It provides cash and allows for investments in new projects. The basis for an efficiently organized sales process is a properly selected CRM system. In today’s article we will discuss what to pay attention to when choosing CRM software for your company.

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Cloud or CRM software installed

The popularity of cloud solutions is so high that few people think about it. Does anyone else use software installed on hardware? The truth is that most companies are already giving up CRM systems installed on cloud-based products. And we’re suggesting it to you, too. But what happens when we don’t have Internet access? And here we come to the merit of the matter. When choosing software make sure that it allows you to download data locally. At the same time, in the absence of the Internet, it should allow you to make changes that are then synchronized when you connect to the network.

CRM software integration - CRM and integration with other systems

Software shall enable you to integrate with other systems and shall in itself have access to modules outside sales. If now you think that this is too much at the beginning, you are wrong. Then, as your company develops, you will need to support additional modules needed to manage tax payments, cyclic orders, generate VAT and JPK documentation. A more advanced CRM system connects to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to handle human resources, bonus payments to vendors and analytics. Modular software allows you to expand it according to the needs of your company.

Who to pay attention to

The number of CRM solutions available on the market is very large. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a list of those that are most popular for you. We hope that after getting acquainted with the individual solutions you will choose something for yourself!

Accounting integration

In addition to CRM programs, you can also consider implementing online accounting in your company. Then it allows you to streamline the process of payment management. Make sure that the system is connected to other components of your infrastructure – online accounting.

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