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Virtual Office Krakow, registration address for the company and coworking office. All in one place! See how our offer looks like:

Virtual office in Krakow

Virtual office Krakow is one of the most popular services of our company. The benefits of renting a virtual office are savings and improvement of the company’s organization. Using the virtual secretariat you can be sure that your mail will always be picked up. Next, we will send it to a different address or scan it and send it to a chosen e-mail address. For this reason, virtual offices are becoming more and more popular. The service of virtual office you can customize to your needs. You can read more about it on the website – ADDITIONAL SERVICES.


Coworking in Krakow – we offer you desks for hours, office for rent, training and conference rooms. All this in convenient locations with the possibility of long-term rental. We have more locations all over Poland and we cooperate with other offices. As a result of the pleasant atmosphere and favorable conditions, customers come back to us and recommend our services to others. You can read more about our service on the Coworking Krakow website. If you are interested in what our interiors look like, take a look at the GALLERY section.


Accounting for our customers is carried out with the help of friendly accounting companies. They can deal with both accounting for sole proprietorship and companies. In their offer you will also find personnel and payroll settlements. In case of a client with specific needs, we will help you to find an outsourcing company that will meet your requirements. Information on this subject can be found on the website – BOOKKEEPING.


Within our capital group we provide services of sale and registration of companies. The registration of companies is a service designed for clients wishing to start their business activity in the form of a commercial law company. Additionally, we have in our portfolio ready-made companies. You will find there companies under credit with financial history and pure companies established to speed up the process of setting up your business. Our law firm can assist you in the process of selling your company or in the transaction of buying a foreign company. Everything about companies can be found on the website – COMPANIES.

Legal Services

Legal services provided by our partners may be provided on the basis of permanent cooperation, one-time preparation of documentation or a case and in the form of a subscription. Therefore, everything depends on your needs and the profile of your company. More information on this subject can be found on the website – LEGAL SERVICES.

Virtual Office Kraków – Our Offices

Due to the popularity of our services, we also have more offices in Poland. As a result of our cooperation with others we managed to build a group of coworkers where you will always be greeted with open arms. Furthermore information about our locations can be found on our website – OUR OFFICES.

Coworking Centre – Poznań

Coworking Centre – Gdańsk

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