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Bookkeeping is a necessity for everyone who runs a business. Due to the profile of our company and services such as virtual office Krakow and coworking we decided to expand our offer with accounting services. As a result, you can keep all the services of your business in one place. Accounting services include certain activities that can be ordered separately. If you are interested, please find below a brief overview of these issues.


As part of the accounting service you have the possibility to hire an accountant to keep your company’s accounts. Then, on the basis of received invoices and other documents, settlements will be made for you or your company. In the second place, the accountant will prepare tax returns based on them. In case of unusual cost structure you will advise you how to optimize the financial structure of your company. If you are interested in more information on this page, you can read about it on the Accounting page.

Bookkeeping – Human Resources and Payroll

A specific type of accounting service is HR and payroll accounting. In this case, the service also includes preparation of personnel documentation and taking care of settlements between the company and employees. It streamlines the customer’s activity because it allows to keep all information on payments in one place. If you are interested, you can read more about it on the website – Human Resources and payroll.

Bookkeeping – Outsourcing

We offer assistance in moving as many services as possible outside your company to shared service centres. As a result, you will save a lot of costs for processes that can be shared with other companies. This is an innovative way of managing a company and its popularity is growing in Poland. More on this subject can be found on the website – oursourcing.

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