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Commercial law companies allow you to do business in a legal form that guarantees you security and a clear way of doing business. The company separates your private property from the company’s property. For this reason, you have both tax benefits and security in the form of creditor protection. Our partners allow us to provide a wide range of services related to companies. Initially, what these services are and what they enable you to do.

Registration of a company

Registration is a service that involves the preparation of the founding agreement and statutes. Then the company servicing the registration organizes a meeting at the notary public to take up shares. Then, after taking up the shares, the law firm completes the formalities related to registration in the National Court Register and submits applications in public administration offices. If you are interested in more information about registration, you can read here – Registration of the company.

Ready-made companies

Ready-made companies are entities established earlier and prepared for sale for interested parties. The sale of the company in this way is very fast and allows to issue invoices within 24 hours from the moment of taking up shares in the company. This is a very convenient way to start business and relatively cheaper than registering from scratch. Additional benefits that may appear in the case of a ready-made entity are tax savings and previous financial history. If you are interested in more about ready-made companies, you can read more about them on the website – Ready-made Companies.

Sale of a company

Selling a company is a process that requires experience and legal knowledge. For this reason, the law firms with which we cooperate provide you with assistance in carrying out all formalities. Regardless of whether you are interested in buying or selling a company, their legal knowledge will help you to secure your legal and financial interest. The Law Firm may also, according to your needs, conduct a legal and financial audit to check whether the company has any liabilities to tax offices or debts to contractors. If you are interested in more information about the sale of companies, you can find it on the website – Sale of the Company.

Foreign entities

Foreign companies are an excellent way to start a business abroad and under a different legal and tax regime. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners we are able to offer you the services of registration and purchase of companies in most countries in the world. Such an offer will enable you to build capital groups and secure your assets. More information about the offer can be found on the website – Foreign Companies.

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