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Accounting is an elementary component of running a business. First of all, it allows to obtain a financial picture of the company and is the basis for tax settlements with the tax office. As a result of well-organized accounting in combination with tax optimization you have the opportunity to increase the financial flows in your company. Because cash for the company is the energy thanks to which it has the strength for further development, you have to take care of the company’s liquidity.

Accounting for entrepreneurs

Accounting for entrepreneurs is a standard package within which typical activities are conducted in order to deliver the necessary documentation to the tax office. In the case of sole proprietorship, there are not many possibilities of tax optimization. As part of this package we will take care of the correctness of the settlement of all your invoices.

Accounting for companies

Accounting for companies allows for more possibilities in relation to one-person business activity. In the case of a company, the business assets and the owner’s assets are divided. There is also a possibility of separate distribution of assets from the company to its owners. Both in the form of dividends and in the case of loans granted to the company and rental of real estate and copyrights.

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