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The registration of a company is the basic way of starting business activity. First of all, in order to register a company, we need partners, the articles of association, the articles of association and the company’s statute. Additionally it is necessary to perform appropriate actions with a notary public and public administration. As a result, this process is not complicated for someone with a basic knowledge of the subject. However, in order to avoid basic mistakes, it is worthwhile to consult a lawyer in this matter.

Company registration – documents

In order to register a company it is necessary to have a company’s articles of association, its articles of association and titles to take up shares. Since among these 3 documents the articles of association are the most important, they should be prepared by a lawyer. This document has the greatest legal consequences for shareholders, management board and the company itself. For this reason, adjusting the company to the needs of shareholders allows the company to ensure long-term operation without the need to amend the contract. Our partners have a wealth of experience in this area, thanks to which basic mistakes can be avoided.

Company registration – procedure

The registration of the company is done according to standard procedure or online using the S24 form. Both methods are acceptable. In order to register a company in the S24 mode it is necessary to have a qualified signature or a trusted profile. You can also perform the procedure in a standard way. In some cases, the paper version is sued by the court for a longer time, which may result in a later entry in the National Court Register.

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