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The sale of a company is a transaction that requires knowledge and experience. Both buyers and sellers have to consider many legal and financial aspects. Due to numerous inquiries from our clients, we have decided to offer you a company sale service. This is then done with the support of our partner law firm. As a result of their knowledge and experience you can be sure that you will reduce your legal and financial risks to a minimum.

Sale of the company – audit

The transaction should be preceded by a legal and financial audit. This is extremely important, especially for future board members, as they take responsibility for the company’s obligations. Their liability in the event of the insolvency of the company is personal and can only be excluded by declaring bankruptcy. For this reason, our lawyers examine whether the company has tax liabilities towards the tax office in respect of VAT or CIT. In addition, they also analyse whether the company has incurred any liabilities towards contractors and third parties.

Sale of a company – agreement for the sale of shares

Next, we prepare documents for the conclusion of a share purchase agreement. Such an agreement contains the sellers’ decisions on the company, its liabilities, but also other elements that may be important at the moment. Because we care about your financial and legal security, this is part of the process. The share purchase agreement is executed in a form with notarized signatures. We will organize the meeting at the notary’s office ourselves.

Sale of a company – taxes

The sale of a company that has a financial history gives additional opportunities to the buyer. The Company may have an overpayment of CIT or VAT, thanks to which future financial flows will be different in the Company. We will help you in the valuation of the company’s value so that the transaction is beneficial for you. The transaction itself is also subject to tax settlements, for which we will also prepare PCC documentation for you.

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