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Virtual registration address for the service that allows you to register your company at the address of our property. This allows you to separate your domicile from your place of business. It is also very beneficial for people who do not want to rent their own office because their business is mostly done remotely. Within this service we also collect mail for you and other parcels arrive at our address with the name of your company.

Virtual registration address – savings

A virtual registration address allows you to save a lot of money because you don’t have to run your own secretariat. Thanks to this you can spend all the money you gain on the promotion and marketing of your company. Because the efficient organization of your mail allows you to concentrate on what is most important! Making money!

Virtual registration address – is it legal?

Absolutely yes. The Supreme Court and the Ministry of Finance, Interpellation No. 14118, commented on this matter. However, a virtual office does not change a tax residence in the moment when a significant part of business activity is carried out in another province, district or city. In a similar vein, more judgments of the Supreme Administrative Court are beginning to appear. As a result, the registration address will not have a decisive influence on the tax jurisdiction of the company.

Other services

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our office services. They are realized both by us and the companies with which we cooperate. As a result, you always receive a service provided by specialists in your field. Our previous experience tells us that the concentration of services in one place is conducive to efficiency.

List of services available in our virtual office and coworking:

Our offices:

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