Mail Handling - Mail Handling

Mail handling is a service that allows you to send correspondence to our address, which we then handle. Then the mail can be scanned and sent to the e-mail addresses indicated by you. Additionally, you have the possibility to order from us the further sending of mail to the address indicated by you. As a result, you can count on the timely handling of mail. You gain for this reason the certainty that important correspondence will always arrive to you on time!

Mail handling – how it works

By concluding a contract with us for mail service we receive a power of attorney from you. This power of attorney allows us to collect mail both in the indicated offices or in all post offices. The same situation will happen when the postman comes to us. In the case of parcels of larger dimensions, it is possible to keep them in our location for later collection or dispatch at a later date.

Collection of mail – punctuality

The mail is picked up directly from the postman or immediately after receiving information about the parcel waiting to be picked up. As we have already mentioned on the basis of the power of attorney that we receive from you after the signing of the contract, we collect your mail. If you want to send mail to a different address immediately or if you want specific senders to be sent as a priority, we can do so. This service is to be tailored to your and your needs.

Mail pickup – additional services

Just like we mentioned before. Mail can be handled either in conjunction with other services or with a special action in relation to your mail. We have already written about additional services on the website – additional services. In case you are interested in our offer, please call us or write an e-mail. More on this subject can be found on the CONTACT page.

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