HR and payroll - HR and payroll - Bookeeping

HR and payroll may be transferred by you to a third party service provider. There are numerous benefits for you. First, you will avoid any problems that may arise from ignorance of labor laws. The second issue is to automate the management of transfers related to remuneration and bonuses to be received by companies. Sharing human resources and payroll with other companies is cheaper and, as a result, allows you to optimize your fixed costs.

HR and payroll – recruitment

In the case of companies in the period of dynamic development, there is a need to constantly search for human resources. New employees need to be introduced to the system and appropriate training. Then, it gives rise to the necessity to devote time and human resources to the service of new employees. Additionally, in case of lack of good knowledge of the regulations, there is a need to carry out OHS and other employee training courses. Transferring these processes to an external company allows for savings in terms of both time and money.

HR and payroll automation – payroll automation

An accounting company with access to a larger group of clients automates the management of its resources and internal procedures. This is usually done with the use of software. For this reason, an external company for a fraction of the amount can automate employee transfers for you. Both in relation to the basic salary and the accrued bonuses and bonuses. 

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