Who are the Ukrainians who came to Poland?

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As you probably know, Poland has become home to many citizens of Ukraine. This is the largest group of people who come to work for us. How many of them are there, who are they and what are their plans? These questions troubled many people. For this reason, Selectivv has prepared a survey based on mobile phone users, thanks to which we can take a closer look at who the neighbors who came to us are. The Selectivv survey can be found on their website – Selectivv: Ukrainians in Poland.

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How many Ukrainians live in Poland?

According to the research conducted by Selectivv, there are 1.25 million people in Poland who, according to the selected criterion, are of Ukrainian origin. The basic criterion is to use a keyboard with Ukrainian or Russian language and to make at least 2 phone calls to subscribers located in the territory of Ukraine. Of course, this is not a perfect measurement, but it allows you to get an approximate picture of who came to us.

Ukrainians – Profile of residents

The company’s analysis shows that 38% of Ukrainians in Poland are aged 21-30 and 29% aged 31-40. The population of people aged 41-50 is less numerous and amounts to about 15%, whereas only 7% of Ukrainians living in our country are over 51 years of age.

Representatives of the male sex constitute over 56% of all women. 44%. Men predominate in cities with up to 100,000 inhabitants and in smaller towns, while reversed proportions occur in larger centres.

Employees, tourists, businessmen

Ukrainians are both hired workers and businessmen who see the potential of starting a business in Poland. A lot of qualified workers come to Poland. They have higher education. They are IT specialists, doctors, engineers and many others. Most of them learn the Polish language very quickly, thanks to which they can quickly integrate into society and make a career in Polish companies.

Ukrainians – What does it mean for your business?

First of all, Ukrainians are consumers for whom companies start to fight. Both small and international corporations. Be sure to consider whether your business can benefit from cooperation with Ukraine. So maybe you should prepare an advertisement in Ukrainian on google or facebook?

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