Can I collect my correspondence in person? - Can you receive your correspondence in person?

Can I collect my mail from you in person? Of course you can! We offer our customers different ways to handle their mail. Depending on your needs, we can handle both your outgoing and incoming mail. It’s up to you. 

To pick it up in person or send it further?

You can pick up your mail in person on site. The office operates during the hours specified on our website – CONTACT. We are also available sometimes outside these hours. We recommend to check in advance by phone. Packages may be a problem. We collect the parcels and store them at our place. However, due to their size, we want you to collect the parcels as regularly as possible. A large number of packages may need more space and this becomes problematic.

Yes! You can pick up the correspondence in person. You can also hand it over to another person for collection. Depending on how comfortable you are. up in person


We can also open and scan incoming mail with your permission. Scans made in this way will be sent to your e-mail address or placed on a disk in the cloud. In this respect, the most popular products are google disk and dropbox. They have mobile applications and up to a certain limit are completely free. Most of our customers are very satisfied with these services because they are cheap and easy to use.

Shipping to a different address

It is also possible to send everything that comes to you to our address further. In this case it is necessary to give us the address where you will receive further shipments and to determine at what prices we will carry out the shipment for you. If you have no possibility to collect your correspondence in person – we will send it to the indicated address.

Power of attorney – Receive in person but through someone

In order to receive mail on your behalf, we need to obtain a framework power of attorney from you to carry out these activities. This will apply both to the mail brought to us by the postman and to any parcels left in the post office for collection.

Example power of attorney

Example of the revocation of the power of attorney

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