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The contract you sign with us is different for each set of services. We have both annual and monthly contracts. They differ in price, method and frequency of payment. Additionally, we have agreements for renting an office, a desk for hours and a conference room. We have also mentioned to you that there is a possibility of ordering specific services in order to improve the way your company operates.

Agreement – template

Below you will find examples of agreements that you sign with our office in order to provide services for the virtual office Krakow. You can download them and get acquainted with them calmly and call us if you have any questions about them – CONTACT.

Virtual Office Krakow – annual agreement template

Virtual Office Krakow – monthly agreement template

Contract related to additional services

If you order additional services from us, we will sign a separate contract or an annex to the contract. Everything in this case depends on the conditions under which our cooperation is to take place. You can read more about how our virtual office works on our blog – Virtual Office.

Changing the Package

In practice, we have already dealt with a situation when a client interested in our offer starts cooperation with us. As a result, after some time he decides to change the package of services that we offered him. Therefore, it is necessary to change the agreement and adjust the packages available to him. We have already written about the package change here in our blog entry – package change.

Of course, we look forward to hearing from you. So far, we have not had any problems with the service of our customers and their unusual requirements. We are aware of the fact that from how successful your company will be in the same way we will be successful.

Training and conferences

As you know, our offer includes the possibility of renting a conference and training room. Many customers ask if it is possible to organize catering or other additional services that are needed during the meeting. If you are interested in whether we have enough space to accommodate all of you, have a look at our gallery.

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