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The change in the package concerns fast-growing companies! Do we allow such activities? Of course it is. We try to be flexible and adapt to your needs. As part of our service, you can change packages at any time during the course of our cooperation. For this reason, we have not had any problems with our customers and their requirements so far. You can find out more about our offer on the following pages:

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Change of Package without changing the contract?

Package change can take place without changing the agreement. If for any reason it is more convenient for you to settle the matter by phone, we accept this solution. As a result, in the next settlement period you will receive an invoice with a different title and a different amount but referring to the same agreement.

Change of Package to suit your needs

We have been in this business for many years. For this reason, we are aware that customers have specific requirements. As a result, we cooperate with companies that had a very specific mail service outside the virtual office. From our experience, adjusting to the customer’s requirements causes the creation of long-term business relationships. And this is what we are interested in.

What else can we help you with?

If you want to see what our interiors look like, we invite you to our gallery! There you will find not only photos but also a video presenting our premises. Ultimately, we also plan to prepare a virtual google walk.

Other information and news you can see on our google business card, our social channels and our blog.

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The virtual Kraków office is a part of the Coworking Centrum Polska group. We also cooperate with a large number of other portals. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with their websites!

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