What are the payment methods?

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Payment methods and packages available in our offer have been designed with your convenience in mind. Would you like to pay in advance? Do you prefer small regular payments every month, every quarter, every year? Are you a fan of cash or do you prefer transfers?

Our packages

Our service packages are designed to be as flexible as possible. We have divided the services of virtual office and coworking to make you more flexible. We have a lot of clients who use only one group of services. For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that it is better to divide them. Of course, if you change your mind you have the possibility to buy additional options, change packages or resign.

Payment methods

In the case of a virtual office, it is possible to pay for a year in advance, half a year, a quarter and a monthly fee. Of course, advance payments are more financially viable because they allow you to get a discount. In the case of coworking, we calculate according to how much time you used to work on the spot.

Virtual Office Krakow – Offer and Pricelist

Since you are already on this website it means that you are interested in our offer in the field of virtual office Krakow or coworking. Basic information is available in the links. If you want to find out more immediately, we invite you to our subpages with detailed information about prices, offers and packages we have prepared for you!

We accept payments both in cash and by bank transfer. Information about our company data and bank account can be found on the website – CONTACT.

In case of problems with payment or other questions call us or write an e-mail!

We are planning to implement online payments in the future. Here is a list of potential payment providers.

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