Sale of the company – What you should pay attention to? - Sale of the company - What you should pay attention to?

Sale of a company is a process that requires knowledge of regulations and experience. There are a few aspects you should always pay attention to in order to limit your legal and financial risk. We will also recommend you a certain other article. There you will find a detailed description of all the information on this subject.

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First of all, the shares must be purchased from the entitled person. You can easily verify this in a copy of the National Court Register. Thanks to this you will find out what kind of shareholders the company has now and what kind of shareholders it had previously. A conversation with previous partners may also give you more information about the company’s affairs. The second matter is the payment of tax on notarial deeds and PCC tax. At the very end, of course, you should make a change in the KRS by submitting a KRS-ZE form.

Sale of the company – Legal and Financial Audit

In order to make sure that the company that we buy is free from obligations. Additionally we check if it does have any legal defects, it is necessary to audit it. For this purpose, you should send appropriate enquiries to the public administration. In this way they confirmed whether the company has no tax arrears or ZUS. If the company has previously hired employees, it may be necessary to provide services for them. For this purpose, it is usually advisable to contact a lawyer or an audit firm.

Sale of a company – Appointment of a company’s board of directors

The appointment of the company’s management board has the greatest impact on who and how may bear personal property responsibility for the company’s liabilities. If you want to be a board member yourself, you have to make sure that the company is free of obligations. This is where the issue of financial and legal audit, which we mentioned earlier, comes up again. However, it is worth insisting on obtaining appropriate statements from previous owners or management.

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