What is the KRS and how to use it?

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KRS is the National Court Register. Because it is a nationwide repository of information on entities, it has legal force. For this reason, the register applies to entities that are legal entities or have a form similar to legal personality. It includes commercial law companies, regardless of whether they conduct business or not, and other entities established under the law. Therefore, below we present a detailed list of entities subject to registration.

Entities registered in the National Court Register:

  • general partnerships,
  • partnership,
  • limited partnership,
  • limited joint-stock partnership,
  • with limited liability,
  • joint stock,
  • European,
  • cooperatives,
  • European cooperatives,
  • European economic interest groupings,
  • State-owned enterprises,
  • research institutes,
  • foreign companies,
  • mutual societies,
  • mutual reinsurance association,
  • branches of foreign entrepreneurs operating on the territory of Poland,
  • main branches of foreign insurance companies,
  • main branches of foreign reinsurance enterprises,
  • institutions of the budgetary economy,

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How to get to the National Court Register

Registration takes place on the basis of the submitted application KRS-Z3. For this reason, in most cases such entities are commercial companies. Subsequently, after the company has been established, the partners are required to file a registration application. For this reason, a similar obligation is imposed on them at the time of acquisition of shares in an existing company by means of the KRS-ZE form.

What happens if I do not register the entity with the National Court Register?

In the case of failure to notify the entity or change its owners, there is a possibility to incur a financial penalty and in the case of avoidance of a financial penalty – a criminal penalty. Therefore, the court has the possibility to order the liquidation of the company as “dead”.

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