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In recent years, we have seen a trend that a large number of entrepreneurs decide to run their business on the basis of ready-made companies. What makes them so popular all of a sudden. What benefits do they bring to the entrepreneurs and how can you benefit from it?

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Ready-made companies – saving time

The basic aspect of purchasing ready-made companies is a large saving of time that you gain in relation to the registration of the company or the establishment of the business. The acquisition of shares in a ready-made company takes place within 24 hours and is immediately suitable for business operation. As a result, the company already has a KRS, NIP and is usually a VAT payer. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to start your business within less than a day.

Financial history and tax benefits

An additional element contributing to the popularity of ready-made companies is usually their financial history. The company has already been able to run a business before and show substantial turnover and profits. This is a very good feature when someone is interested in obtaining financing from a bank for business activity. Other advantages of a used company may be having an overpayment of tax allowing to reduce tax costs such as CIT or VAT. In other cases, the partners could grant a loan to the company, which would result in savings in the event of a withdrawal of money from the company.

Where can I buy ready-made companies?

Our company cooperates with a number of entities dealing with this type of activity. Their offer also includes the sale of companies, the registration of companies and the intermediation of companies registered abroad. More information can be found in our CONTACT section or visit the websites of our partners:

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