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Youtube is the biggest video platform in the world at the moment! It’s a place where you can find absolutely everything and in its short career youtube has become synonymous with online television. Although it has existed for so few years, youtube is responsible for the career of many internet personalities. Youtube is also a place where people look for information, entertainment and understanding. It is popularly called the second largest search engine and social network in the world! In today’s article we will try to advise you on how your business can make a difference on youtube! WE ARE DELIGHTED! 😀

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What do I want to tell you and to whom?

Did you know that in China, there are a lot of campaigners standing in front of the shops and calling on customers to visit a chosen place? The same goes for Las Vegas casinos! What do you think? Does this behavior have a chance to succeed? IF YOU ANSWERED NO – READ MORE!

An internet user can quickly direct his or her attention in a different direction and go in a different direction without even a second thought. What works in the real world does not necessarily work in the Internet. What’s more, the proven methods that worked on youtube before are not necessarily working now. In order to get a large number of followers on the web, it’s important to focus on what your audience is looking for and deliver it to them!

Valuable films

The Internet is full of garbage. You can’t call it anything other than garbage! Content that doesn’t carry anything of value! THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Thanks to this you can distinguish yourself with well-prepared material.

First of all, your material does not have to have an unbelievable production value. This is not a Hollywood budget movie. The most important thing is that what you say is important for your audience. If you deal with cosmetics – talk about cosmetics in a professional way. You are interested in cinema – prepare a material about your favorite film!

It depends on you how much you will attract the attention of your audience!

Youtube algorithm

The youtube algorithm works in a specific way. Its main goal is to make the users of the platform spend as much time on it as possible. For this reason, movies that last longer than 10 minutes have been promoted for some time. For youtube this means one thing – more time to display ads. Another element that affects the fact that the user stays on your platform is the inclusion of links to other videos on youtube in the description of your video.

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