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Video is an excellent form of communication. For this reason you will find our films and films from friendly channels!


In the video section let’s publish films related to what happens in our office and what happens in Krakow. From time to time you will also find here information about what is happening in our other locations. Because we are very proud of our business, we want to promote it as widely as possible.

Video promotion

Do you have any movies you want to share? Maybe you are looking for a way to promote your event in Krakow? Because we are local patriots, we will be happy to help you with your promotion. This will allow you to get additional views or traffic on your website. If you are a group that regularly publishes materials, we can arrange for permanent cooperation. From time to time you will also organize an event in our office. If you are interested in our cooperation offer, please contact us – CONTACT.

Business promotion via video

Film format is a very effective way to promote your business. We wrote about it on our blog – Youtube business promotion. This is due to the very high interactivity of this format. What’s more, it’s faster to learn than text. For this reason, the involvement of users is greater than in the case of reading materials. If you are interested in additional information about online business promotion, have a look at our website – Online Marketing.

Producing films on commission

If you came to this site looking for a film production offer – unfortunately, we do not deal with it. However, not everything is lost. We can recommend you a good company realizing film materials and advertising campaigns. We have also cooperated with companies dealing with full marketing campaigns. Take advantage of our experience.

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