- SEO

SEO is a set of actions aimed at acquiring organic traffic from search engines such as google, bing or duckduckgo. A high position on google allows you to acquire Internet traffic that is interested in your products. Such visits to the website are more prone to shopping than other forms of traffic.

SEO – high quality content

The first thing you need to pay attention to is to prepare for the website materials that carry high quality information. Sites that provide accurate and complete answers to the questions appearing on the google are considered valuable. They appear very high in search results. Writing content for your website think about what your potential customers will look for. Try to answer these questions.

SEO – the structure of the website and articles

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the accessibility of Internet content. It is about the structure of the text, its syntax and how you have arranged the page itself. If your website combines good content with the ability to easily read it, you can count on Google to find it very valuable. This is a very close way to get the first position in google.  

SEO – backlinks

The original advantage of google over other search engines was based on the use of an innovative technique called page ranking. It assumed that a web page, which is indicated by a larger number of web pages, is more valuable than a web page with a small number of so-called backlinks (links from other web pages). As a result, with a proper analysis of the structure of these backlinks, it became possible to build an algorithm. With this algorithm you can determine the exact value of a web page. For this reason, how frequently your website appears in other sites influences your position.

Remember, however, that the most important element of your strategy should be providing high quality content. First of all, just obtaining a large number of backlinks, which may turn out to be worthless. This can have counterproductive effects. Therefore, do not clutter the Internet and take care of the quality of your digital environment!

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