Google adwords and SEM - Google adwords

Google adwords and SEM names one of the most popular methods of advertising on the Internet. Google’s advertising engine allows you to accurately determine which recipient of our advertising we are interested in and in what form. It allows us to determine not only the information such as age, gender or interests. Google also allows you to determine how the ad is to be displayed. Furthermore you can decide how much money we want to spend on it. All this contributes to the popularity of this solution and its business opportunities. You obtain an advertisement that reaches customers with surgical precision and spend on it as much money as is possible for you at the moment. Google Adwords platform.

Google Adwords for everyone

Marketing suite from google is extremely cheap and easy to use. Thanks to it you can quickly promote both small business and prepare a large advertising campaign. All you need to do is to define your goals and deposit the appropriate amount of money with a daily budget for the engine. Here, it is important for you to determine whether you will be able to specify the characteristics of your audience. A good match between the key phrases and the interests of your potential customers can lead to a large conversion of your advertising. Conversion is the number of clicks on a given number of ad impressions. The bigger the conversion the better because it generates more traffic for you at the same price. If you need a consultation on this matter – call us or write an e-mail. Contact details can be found on the CONTACT page.


Google is not the only search engine available in the world. It is true that the lion’s share of the market belongs to this company. But this is only taking place in Europe. If you want to gain customers on the American market you should also think about different channels. You can advertise in – it is the equivalent of google from Microsoft. Another popular online search service is, a French search engine focused on search privacy. The Russian and Chinese markets are dominated by and respectively. Think carefully whether you should not advertise with their help instead of relying only on google.