The history of Coworking - History of Coworkingu

The history of Coworking – Coworking originates from a simple need to improve the organisation of human work. Open spaces have made it possible to change the way work is organised. In today’s article we will bring you closer to this issue. More information about our offer can be found on the website – Coworking Kraków.

Open space

The idea of open space was originally created by Frank Lloyd Wright during the creation of an office building for the Johnson American corporation. The space was supposed to resemble a forest and natural environment. The columns looked like tree branches and the vault like their crowns with leaves. The result of the open space was a natural cooperation and communication between the company’s employees. We can safely say that this was the first form of coworking, despite the fact that it took place only within a single company.

History of coworking – German Origin

The first full-fledged coworker is C-Base, founded by computer fanatics in Berlin, Germany. Shortly afterwards, their Austrian counterpart, Schrauben Fabrik, appears. Coworking was born in Europe and from there began its further expansion in other directions.

The history of Coworking – Expansion into the whole world

At the moment, coworking offices are sprouting up everywhere! In the United States, whole corporations specializing in the organization of coworking offices are already appearing and selling other additional services. Start-up offices offer accounting, company registration and much more to help you grow your business.

The future of Coworking

Coworking is a type of activity where entry barriers are very low. Many companies focus on creating new spaces based on the buildings and spaces they rent. The problem with these places is that if you register a virtual office there and suddenly the lease is terminated for some reason – you will have to register your business in another place and you may lose some of the mail that will be sent to the indicated address. For this reason, there are many companies that plan to develop coworking networks and unfortunately sometimes it ends in disaster.

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