Where does the popularity of coworking come from?

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Popularity of coworking – where does the mass exodus of employees from the office come from? Coworking is popular because it solves a set of problems faced by freelancers and novice entrepreneurs. Problems of organizational and economic nature. Today we will discuss a few problems faced by people using coworking services and how coworking solves them. To learn more about our offer, take a look at our website – Coworking Kraków.

The problem of working from home

A very trivial problem is working from home. A lot of people say they have problems concentrating in their homes. They will always find an additional reason to do something other than work. It’s a bit like students prefer to study in a library than in their dorm room. Coworking allows you to separate your working life from your private life. That’s why so many freelancers work here.

Popularity of coworking – I need to talk to someone

People are very social. Most of them, of course. There are exceptions. But as a rule we like to be in the company of other people. It’s the same with coworking. From our observations, people working for different companies and dealing with completely different matters go out to eat together or rest while walking during the day. This type of relationship very often leads to friendly relations between colleagues and co-workers.

I am looking for partners for my project

Coworking also has the advantage in terms of organization of a large amount of diverse human resources. The modern economy requires a large number of people to work together at the same time. They have to be people with different qualifications and experience. Coworking is a very good opportunity to meet such a group of people and at the same time it has the infrastructure to carry out such activities.

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Coworking also offers great flexibility when it comes to renting space. Your company or your project can grow along with your demand for new jobs. You do not need to rent the whole office for 1 year in advance and worry about whether you will be able to fully utilize the whole space. As your demand for new space increases, you scale up your business and add or subtract new desks from your budget.

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Coworking also offers a shared infrastructure. Thanks to this, you do not have to pay for renting equipment only for your own needs. Rationalization of costs of this type allows you to use all the benefits of high quality equipment, conference rooms and other for a fraction of the price, which very often is already included in the rental.

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