What is a collective or comity?

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A collective or a committee is a group of people who come together to help each other and implement projects. They can be artistic, technical or other projects. Here, there is absolute freedom in the scope of realization of this type of matters. Collectives are characterized by free relations between their members. This is their greatest strength.

What kind of collectives can we find in Krakow?

The Dajwór collective is an example of a known collective in Krakow. You can find more about them on their Facebook profile.


While browsing their website you may notice that they implement a lot of different projects, but at the same time they are projects implemented in a way based on a loose organization.

Artistic collective

Very often people belonging to collectives are people working in the broadly understood art or audio-visual fields. Due to the high interdisciplinarity of this type of activities, projects implemented by them translate into an innovative combination of art and technology in various forms. Due to the free organization there is a possibility of easy influence on the way the project is implemented.

Collective in coworking

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