Renting a conference room – what should I pay attention to? - Renting a conference room

Renting of a conference room is always connected with searching! Our offer includes conference rooms. They enable our clients to gain access to modern infrastructure and equipment in order to organize a meeting or training. In this respect, we are absolute veterans and we can assure you that in today’s article you will find out everything.

Location and size

The first issue is the exact location of the conference room and its size. If the conference room is in a place where most people will have trouble getting there or the room itself is too small to accommodate the people who will be there – unfortunately your conference is doomed to failure.


If you are already sure that the location and size of the room are right for and meet your expectations. The next thing to do is to make sure that you have the right cabling in place. This is even more important because during the conference many people will be interested in accessing the Internet. They may also need electricity to charge their phones and laptops. Lack of sufficient contacts and problems with the Internet can complicate your project.

In addition to wiring, it is also necessary to make sure that there is a projector, whiteboard and possible sound system on site. Without these elements you will not be able to attract the attention of people interested in what you have to say. Remember that the content of the presentation is not everything. What counts is also the packaging.

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Renting a conference room – Catering and kitchen

In some cases a conference might lasts all day long. It will be necessary at some point to treat the gathered with something to eat. If there is a kitchen on site that can prepare everything for you. However, in case when there is no possibility to prepare food on the spot, check it in person. Make sure that there will be enough space for organizing the catering.

Another solution to these problems is to make sure there is a restaurant or more restaurants nearby. Places where you can meet and order something to eat.

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