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A technology park is a place aimed at ensuring an increased level of industrial organization. In addition, it must be combined with the exchange of knowledge in the field of various types of technology. Technology parks are a natural consequence of the transition from industrial and service economy to innovation economy. Along with the increase of competition in the field of technical solutions, there is a pressure to automate and reduce the costs of the industrial base.

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The basic component of the technology park is its industrial base, on which the remaining components are built. It is a driving force, where industrial production and sales of its products drive the capital needs of the technology park. It is also the backbone on which new innovations in technical solutions are created.

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Services as a superstructure

With the emergence of a well-organised industry, it is necessary to provide various types of services for industry to improve work organisation. Innovation in work organisation makes it possible to generate output not directly linked to production. In this case, companies that are less competitive in terms of price due to natural conditions can look for savings in this respect. A good example of such a tendency is what happened in Japan in the field of work organization by Zaibatsu. Park building

Technological research

The source of progress in our case is technological research. However, technological research in isolation from industrial practice is difficult to finance. They often move in a direction that does not lead to anything suitable for production. Cooperation between science and industry has proved to be the key to success for many of the world’s largest economies. Technological research in this area increases not only the industrial capabilities of a given country, but also its standard of living and civilisation progress. Technology parks are places where the priority is knowledge which significantly contributes to the educational opportunities of a given country.

Are you interested in what is happening in the Kraków Technology Park? Additional information on the official website of the Kraków Technology Park!

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