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Coffee service in office is one of the most important items in the whole company or in coworking. Why? Because the vast majority of us or drink coffee? Not everyone is a coffee drinker, of course, but many people drink coffee regularly. What should we pay attention to when we decide to buy a coffee service?

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Coffee service – Basic set

The basic set is a simple kettle. Nothing more and nothing less. Does it make you laugh? With such a simple kettle we can usually prepare everything. You have some coffee – you will pour it with water and you already have the perfect drink. You have tea – you pour it with water and the tea is ready!

A set with which you will satisfy your employees

The set you won’t be ashamed of should be a coffee machine where you can put the coffee into the charger and the water is in a separate container. Of course, there is also a set of filters. They are best replaced in such a way that they can be changed without difficulty or unnecessary clutter. With such a set you will satisfy yourself and your employees but it is not something that is a high-end product.

Nice set for Mr. and Mrs.

If you have a little more money to spend on a decent coffee set, think about something that can add milk or cream to your drinks. Such a set can be very beneficial for you because not everyone is satisfied with a little black. However, milk added to coffee by yourself does not give such an wow effect. The milk should be foamed so that it floats nicely on the surface of your coffee.

Coffee service – Platinum set!

A platinum set is a coffee machine with such elements:

  • two or more dispensers,
  • two or more coffee tanks for different flavours,
  • milk and cream dispenser,
  • the possibility of adding your own sugar to the mix and possibly to the aromatic liqueurs,
  • has the ability to automatically clean all its elements remotely without having to disassemble them,
  • is ergonomic and easy to move from place to place due to its lightweight,
  • It is easy to dismantle in order to thoroughly clean all its parts,

Coffee is an integral part of every coworking office. See what our offer in the field of coworking services in Krakow looks like.

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