Furniture from the previous office – what to do with them? - Furniture for the office

You have decided to move your coworking office to another place. Everything went according to the plan. The contract with the owner of the property is already signed. Everything looks beautiful. New place, new decor and new furniture. The question now is what to do with the old furniture after your previous coworking?

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Surely don’t do it

First of all, you have to realize that the worst idea is to throw this furniture out of the bin. Furniture is a material that can be recycled, but when it goes to landfill, it lies there for a long time and deteriorates. This is a senseless waste of furniture that might still be useful to someone else and of the material they were made of. It’s like cutting down trees for no reason because we don’t know what else to do in our lives!

Transmission announcement

A few minutes and you’ll have an ad ready to announce that you’ll be happy to give your furniture to someone else., or whatever. All these pages will help you to quickly inform people in your city that you have furniture to hand over. Add good photos and you’ll get rid of them in less than a day! PROBLEM SOLVED!

Be creative

But if your furniture is already so badly damaged that nobody wants it as it is – you have to be creative! If you talk to a carpenter, he can advise you what to do with old tables and other items. Tables can be converted into cabinets or shelves that you can put in your office. You can make pot sprinkles from the remaining filings. The possibilities are endless!

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