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Remote working is gaining in popularity. When building a team you have to take into account that some of your employees will not be able to gather in one office. This will result from their place of residence, household duties and sincere willingness to work remotely. At this point you are faced with a choice – building a dispersed team or lack of a team. Of course, in such a situation you will choose a dispersed team.


Building a dispersed team your biggest problem will be communication between its members. For this purpose, it is very important to ensure that the communication channels are clearly defined. Make sure that the communication channels are kept to a minimum. What does it mean? Do not use channels that replace each other! You do not need to have 3 video communicators and an additional private VOIP with video transmission!

Build your team based on a coworking office.

If skype email is sufficient for you, use only them. In case, however, when you need additional functions of the software, which you do not have in your current set – consider whether it is absolutely necessary for you? If so, is there any software that meets your requirements? Replace instant messengers with newer and more developed ones instead of adding new ones!

Time synchronization

If you’ve dispersed your team around the world, the next problem will be different working hours. In this case, you should clearly specify at what times who is available. You should keep this information up to date and make it publicly available.

Another element of synchronization is to determine who is responsible for what and what is its scope of responsibilities in the company. Additionally, it should be clearly stated who is the project manager and how the responsibility relations between employees look like.

The last element is to build a procedure for how the work is transferred between employees who work in different time periods. This will prevent the emergence of a situation where one person is waiting for the work of others.

Synchronizing your meetings you can use our calendar.

Remote working – Freedom promotes innovation

Scattered teams can be easily transformed into turquoise organizations. We have already written about them. You can find out about them here. It’s a different way of managing projects in a company that focuses on the autonomy of its employees and the control of its own work.

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