What’s worth investing in?

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Investing and if so, what? We do not know the definitive answer to this question. We can only suggest what types of investments can be made with a small amount of capital. Of course, this is not a recommendation or a call to buy specific assets. Consider this article more like a discussion of the asset class and investment methods available to your company.

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Stock exchange – invest in what?

The stock exchange is one of the places where you can quickly and easily invest your money. As a result, most banks in Poland provide brokerage services and allow you to invest money in securities. First of all, stocks, contracts, options, bonds and many other instruments are traded on the stock exchange. Each class of these assets is characterized by a different rate of return and a different risk. Apart from the stock exchange, we also have foreign exchange exchanges, shares in startups and many others.

Social lending and Investing

Social loans are an excellent way to invest money with a low level of risk. Each loan is divided between a group of users offering their own capital, which reduces the risk of losing money in the event of a non-reimbursable payment. Social loans help other entrepreneurs to make investments, which translates into general economic development. Due to less formalisation and low operating costs of this type of solutions (most of the process takes place online), such a way of borrowing money is cheaper.

Cryptocurrency – to invest or not?

This type of investment is very dangerous. Despite the high popularity of cryptovalutes in recent years, investments in them have turned out to be unsuccessful for most people. Cryptocurrencies are also full of assets that were created only to defraud money. The history so far has shown that cryptocurrencies are still not secured technically and we have witnessed hacking attacks where millions of dollars were stolen. We recommend one thing to you – invest in what you understand and know how it works!

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Investing – Whisky, works of art and others

This is where we want to warn you! There are a lot of advertisements on the internet about how you can earn a lot of money by investing in whiskey or works of art. Unfortunately, in many cases it is an attempt to defraud money by offering counterfeits and items from an uncertain source.

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