What will be my company’s address?

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What will by my company’s address? Many of you ask this question before renting a virtual office? The company’s registration address can be found in CEIDG (Central Register and Business Activity Information). It also is placed in KRS (National Court Register). Registration address is not always treated as the place of business activity. What impact will this have on your business? You will find out everything from today’s article.

The registration address is my company’s address

The registration address is the place where you registered your company. This address is also treated as a delivery address for the company. The consequence of registration in one city or another is the appearance of a default court and tax jurisdiction. Here we have written about the company’s registered office. If the office, court (register of offices in Kraków) or other business entities send in a correct way notifications to the indicated address, they are treated as correctly delivered. A known registration address may also increase the prestige of your company.

A virtual office in Krakow allows you to register your company even if you do not live in the same province. There are many advantages to this. One of them is access to excellent business infrastructure, as well as courts and offices operating with the efficiency of a large city!

Place of business

The place of business may be completely different from the registration address. Many of our customers who work from home decide to do so. They want to separate their home from their business address.

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How it works in practice – my company’s address

In practice, our customers appreciate the separation of the company address from the place of business. When they need to meet with their business partner they have the opportunity to rent a room or office from us. It costs them little and allows you to build a professional image of a beginner company.

Tax offices, courts and other public institutions fully accept the operation of virtual offices. They treat these addresses as correct to send their letters. With us you don’t have to worry that you won’t receive any document. Furthermore you will not suffer legal or financial consequences.

I have doubts

Are you reading about the virtual office for the first time? Still have questions about how it works, please contact us. We will answer all your questions. You can find contact information on our website – CONTACT

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