Headquarters – What is that?

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A company’s headquarters – What is that? Is the place where it is registered. It is not about the address that can appear in various types of documentation. The company’s registered office is in a town or city. In this case, this place determines many local properties. This may be a jurisdiction for litigation, tax jurisdiction or registration jurisdiction.

Registration Jurisdiction

The registration location is the principal place where the entity is located. It is important in so far as it de facto becomes the core of all other properties and the default property. If you make any changes to the information about the company, we will take care of all the matters in the registry office as soon as possible.

If you want to register a company in Krakow, take a look at our virtual office Krakow website or call us. Contact information can be found on the CONTACT page.

Headquarters – Tax jurisdiction

krakow.coworking-centrum.pl-Local jurisdiction

As we have already mentioned before. The tax jurisdiction does not always have to be synonymous with the registration jurisdiction of the company. This is the case when the entrepreneur actually carries out his business activity in another city. The final effect of this type of solution is the need to pay taxes in this city. Other than the city of registration of the company. You can also meet cases where companies due to the large number of locations pay taxes in different municipalities at once.

We have written more about the VAT tax jurisdiction here. See how your VAT property will look like when you rent a virtual office – VAT payer and headquarters.

Court jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is the least certain in this case. It is based on law, but in some cases it is not mandatory. This means that they can be amended by contract. Entrepreneurs can easily agree on this in a different way. They can agree that any litigation will be dealt with by a court of a different jurisdiction from the default one.

Renting a virtual office with us as the registration address of a company changes its jurisdiction. The virtual office in Krakow guarantees that you will have your case heard by the court in Krakow. Want more information about the local jurisdiction of courts and offices? All can be found here – Addresses of offices, courts and other institutions in Krakow.

Headquarters – I still have questions

If you are not sure how the virtual office will affect the way you run your business – call us! We will answer all your questions. We have experience in this field and compare it with other entrepreneurs. Our contact details can be found in the Contact tab. You can also read more about it on our blog in the category: virtual office.


A company headquarters is not something absolutely arbitrary. The Ministry of Finance warns that aggressive tax optimization will be considered a tax avoidance measure. Poland is strengthening its cooperation with France in this area.

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