How does the secretariat proceed if my client appears in the office unexpectedly? - Klient w biurze

A client in a coworking office where you registered your business. We have met with such a situation many times before. How we react in such a situation is entirely up to you. If you want to use the virtual office only as a registration address – no problem. However, if the virtual office is to be something more for you. We will determine what services are to be performed by us.

Registration address

In case you want to separate your domicile from your workplace, we will tell you that you have registered your company here. If you do not have a contact number, we cannot provide this information. If you are interested in contacting us, please leave a message or send a letter. Despite pressure, we do not release information that is not publicly available. Would you like to know more – read more about the offer of the virtual office in Krakow!

Client in a coworking office – Virtual office with service

However, if you care about quick contact with your customers, you can leave your contact information. It will be passed on to everyone who will ask about you or your company. We collect all packages that are sent to us. We can handle some of your potential contractors. The customer in the office can receive an address from us where they will receive parcels or marketing materials. This address will be different than the one you have submitted for registration. We encourage you to freely structure the organization of the work of your company!

If you are interested in our coworking office read more here – coworking Kraków.

Virtual office PLUS – client in office

In case you have to interact with your clients regularly and you don’t have the opportunity to be in our coworking we can take care of the basic service of your contractors. Leave us your marketing materials, leaflets and everything else – so we can help you to quickly provide information about your products and services. Depending on your needs, the office PLUS is organized flexibly to suit your requirements.

How can I organize my work?

Our customers have special expectations and that is why we are flexible and look forward to new proposals. You are not sure if something can be organized within our office – call us now. You can find contact details on the CONTACT page. of post from clients


The service of your parcels in Poland can be handled by companies such as:

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