Bank for business activity – how to choose? - Bank for business activity - How to choose one?

A bank for business activity differs from a bank with a private offer. Choosing a bank for your company may be of little importance at the very beginning. However, along with the development of your company and the need to raise additional capital. Sometimes there is a need to obtain external financing. Here, having a good financial history turns out to be very useful.

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Who offers the cheapest account

A cheap account can only be cheap on paper. The bank must somehow earn money and will do it one way or another. Even if it turns out that your account is free of charge, there will be immediate offers of additional credits etc… If for some reason you need to have a credit card at the beginning to pay for various online services, you may have a problem with your creditworthiness. Remember, a credit card is a debt instrument.

Idea, Ing and Alior – bank for business activity

Ing, Alior and Idea are three types of different banks. They focus on different services in order to attract customers from a selected segment. We will check in their cases the price of services, the quality of the Internet platform and the number of outlets.


Ing Bank has been well known to Poles for many years. Initially, their services were offered only to individual customers, but gradually they also moved to corporate banking. The strong point of Ing is the relatively large number of branches and a very high quality internet platform. Many entrepreneurs had the opportunity to use the Internet platform personally as bank customers.

Idea – Bank for business activity

Idea bank is a bank for entrepreneurs with no creditworthiness and documented turnover. They are willing to bear a higher risk for customers with lower or irregular turnover, but at the same time their services are subject to a large number of additional charges. Moreover, you have to expect strong cross-selling. The bank will offer you a large number of products at the same time, not all of which will make economic sense in your case.

Alior Bank

The next bank we’re gonna take care of is Alior Bank. In case of all the elements, it is the most central bank. What is more, the banking services in Alior Bank are cheap compared to the rest. Their internet platform does not have as many functions as in the case of ING, but it is easy to arrange everything on it. Additionally, Alior Bank is more restrictive when it comes to its credit policy than Idea Bank. But they are not as restricitve as ING. Alior is a very good bank for business activity.

The result of the ranking – a bank for economic activity?

In our opinion, the most profitable bank account is an account with Alior Bank. It combines the advantages of all previous banks and perfectly balances the quality in relation to the price of the service. If you are interested in what their offer looks like, have a look at their website

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