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Office for rent for business activity. Most entrepreneurs in the initial period of their activity think about renting an office in order to conduct business activity. This is a significant cost for the company, which in the first period has a lot of expenses. Think about using a coworking office instead of a rental office? The benefits of this may surprise you!

Office for rent in coworking

A coworking rental office is no different from a rental office at first glance. You have your own space, you can lock the office with a key, etc. But what happens if you start to grow too fast for your office? Will you be looking for another place to stay? Will you rent a second location and divide your employees? In case of coworking you do not have this problem because you can rent single desks for new employees. The flexibility of this solution is analogous to the situation when you do not employ new people. In such a case, you give up the office for rent and move to a single desk for hours.

A rental office can be lonely

Another advantage of the office for rent in coworking is the possibility to work with other people and establish business contacts. In coworking you are never alone. In coworking you can find not only business partners, but also facilities that can help you in the implementation of your tasks. Coworking is full of programmers, graphic designers and other people with skills that you can use. Everything is based on cooperation.

Office for rent – flexibility of the agreement

An office usually has to be rented for at least 6 months or a year. This type of contract construction is problematic for a novice entrepreneur. Both organisationally and financially. For this reason we suggest coworking rentals as a more financially convenient solution. For comparison, we suggest you check out our prices and prices on the page with real estate offers in Krakow.

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