Cooperation - Cooperation

Cooperation is the basis of our business. Both in the field of virtual office services and in the case of coworking services. We have built our reputation and current opportunities on establishing long-term business relationships. Within our group we have partners who can offer a range of services for you and your business.

Cooperation with other offices

If you run a coworking office and want to promote your business online we can help you. Due to the fact that we have a number of websites, which are visited daily by Internet users in search of information about coworking and virtual offices. Our strong position on the Internet can turn into your success. We know from experience that a large part of virtual offices attracts their clients via the Internet.

Search for meeting rooms and space

The number of our own offices and the number of offices with which we cooperate is constantly growing. We see the potential in building a group because we are able to provide a larger number of services throughout Poland. We have noticed that a large number of clients very often return to the same room. At the same time, many of them are interested in obtaining information on whether we have access to other facilities of this type in other cities. Being with us in a group will give you access to them.

Cooperation – IT facilities

Our company has a very strong IT base that can carry out tasks from different areas of work. It is not only about websites, but also about building and developing software, as well as its integration with external systems. This allows us to gain a competitive advantage in relation to other companies on the market. Ultimately, we are thinking about building the only dispersed business centre in Poland. We are aware that our country will develop economically in the coming years and we want to make this development possible for all interested parties.

As part of our IT capabilities, we offer:

  • construction of websites,
  • website hosting,
  • WordPress hosting on strong subdomains,
  • positioning and advertising on the Internet,
  • implementation of innovative solutions such as chatbots and automatic interactions with the customer on the website,
  • construction of SaaS class software (Software as a Service),
  • non-standard IT implementations,

Are you interested in establishing cooperation with us?

Call us boldly. We can discuss the details by phone or e-mail. If you are interested in all our contact details, you can find them on the CONTACT page.

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