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Digital Ocean

Did you know that we use digital ocean to host our websites? Yes we do! They are a great hosting provider. Recently they have made some changes to their services. Here is the update! Take a peek! You might find sokmething useful for yourself!

Introducing DigitalOcean FunctionsYesterday, we announced the general availability of DigitalOcean Functions – our new serverless product. DigitalOcean Functions is a fast, scalable, and cost-effective compute solution that enables you to build quickly, scale automatically, and save costs by removing the need to pay for idle resources. Check out the docs for more information and join one of our upcoming free virtual events for the AMER region and/or the APAC region to learn more.

Rollback to the most recent successful deployment added to the Starter tier of App PlatformIf you have an app built on the Starter tier of App Platform, you can now roll back that app to the most recent successful deployment. Earlier this capability was available only in the Basic and Professional tiers of App Platform.

Digital OceanDedicated CPU is now available for Managed MongoDB

We’re excited to announce dedicated vCPU is available for Managed MongoDB! All DigitalOcean Managed Databases from Redis, MySQL, to PostgreSQL—and now MongoDB. All of them can run on Dedicated Droplets (VMs) to guarantee business performance and peace of mind.

Kubernetes 1-Click Apps

ArgoCD 1-Click App is a popular open-source implementation for doing GitOps continuous delivery.Pixie 1-Click App is an open-source observability tool.

Droplet 1-Click Apps

Apache Kafka 1-Click Droplet to asynchronously process vast amounts of data. This 1-Click App automatically configures a single-node Kafka cluster.Ghost 1-Click Droplet v5.0 is now available! Ghost is a fully open-source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern blog or publication.HollaEx Kit 1-Click Droplet is an open-source exchange software kit that allows anyone to start a crypto business.Stacks Blockchain 1-Click Droplet helps strengthen the Stacks Blockchain while also making it easier/more efficient to access the data via API endpoints.

Digital ocean – Marketplace Solutions

SimpleBackups Add-On (SaaS) All-in-one backup automation tool. Droplet file backups, custom database backups, and DO Spaces bucket sync and replication.Logtail Add-On (SaaS) Query your logs like you query your database.

Opt-in beta for build performance improvements in App PlatformTo address concerns around the build times for apps built on App Platform, we’re introducing an opt-in beta for build performance improvements. By opting into the beta, you can choose to use Kata-container-based build runtime for your app. This will result in faster build times. You can check the option by going to your app settings. You can check the box to allow Build Performance Improvements as shown below. The beta is free and available for apps built on any tier of App Platform.

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