Accounting Firm – How to choose one? - Accounting Firm - How to choose one?

The choice of an accounting firm depends to a large extent on the type of business and your needs in terms of services to be provided for you. In today’s article we will deal with how to choose an accounting firm and what to do when analyzing potential offers.

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Accounting or something more – an accounting firm

First of all, you should ask yourself whether your activity is large enough. Big enough to need more than just basic accounting services. If you only issue a few invoices a month, basic accounting should be enough for you. The situation is different when you run a business with an unusual structure of revenues and costs. This type of business can be any form of IT activity or innovative financial service.

Accounting firm and tax advice

At this point, we come to the bottom of the matter. If you have large revenues and their structure is diverse. At the same time, your costs are very unusual – it is very likely that tax optimization will bring you very big benefits. For this purpose, you should make use of the services of an accountant and tax advisor. In this case, the price of the service will increase significantly. However, if you have the right size of turnover, the benefits of optimization will be much greater than the cost of the service itself.

Online accounting

We have already written about this in one of our articles. Online accounting is a specific type of accounting companies focused on servicing mobile customers. By “mobile client” we mean someone who does not have a clearly defined place of business. This usually applies to consulting companies and companies whose business is based on knowledge. For this reason, we recommend another article from our blog on this subject – Online accounting – How to choose?

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